Monday, 29 November 2010

Bad bad weekend

The weekend started off okay, I had Friday off for LDN. I started off with a coffee, then a small banana. Then didn't eat all day then until I got home and had half of a small pizza. The next day I was good and even bought my boy a Krispy Kreme and didn't have one myself. Was very proud about that. I weighed aswell and I was down 2lbs! :)But for lunch I had two peices of left over pizza and half a falafel sandwhich. Then for tea I had a chickpea haloumi salad. So was okay up until then, then yesterday I was so bad. I woke up so tired and the weekend had caught up with me. I started off with 2 pieces of toast with light philadelphia, then I had beans on toast with cheese for lunch, then for dinner pasta with sundried toms, olives and onion. BUT inbetween that I had two mince pies and some shortbread biscuits. Terrible.

But I'm back on track today. I've had
A coffee - 79cals
A summer fruits salad- 99cals.
I'm going to have a veg curry tonight but I wont have any rice and I'm going to try and stay under 600cals.

Aim- loose 7lbs by my birthday in Jan. Fingers crossed I wont crack over xmas.


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