Thursday, 25 November 2010

Summer fruits in winter

So yesterday I didn't have a apple. Today I've been good so far. I had a coffee and cereal bar for breakfast and then whilst at my desk one of my work colleagues came over and offered me a piece of cake. It looked amazing, vanilla sponge with white chocolate icing. My stomach said "yes, I want it! Give it to me now! Feed it to me!!!!" But I said no and shooo'd it away!

So my intake today is-

cereal bar- 68cals
coffee- 100cals
Fruit salad- 158cals
Nimble bread with light philidalphia- 98cals
Apple- 80cals
Soup- 150cals
2 slices of Nible bread with 1cal spray- 88cals(bread) 4cals(spray)

Total if I stick to it being - 746cals

Tomorrow I'm going to LDN and I know I will find it hard to stick to plan. But there will be lots of walking around all day so that will burn off alot of everything. Will try and stay strong but I have doubts already.

We'll see. I will update on Saturday xoxo

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