Wednesday, 24 November 2010


Argh I love Christmas so much, but, there is always soooo much food around at Christmas. And the whole having to have family meals were everyone is watching what everyone eats. I'm stressing about it. And I know it's going to become an issue closer to the day.
MIA went away. I fought against it, as I shouldn't have been binging anyway. I've gained control again. And I've set up a food plan to keep a habit of what I have.
So I'm going to start blogging the daily plan.

So today:
Skinny Coffee - 80cals
Cereal Bar- 69cals
Fruit salad- 140cals
Nimble bread with light philidalphia- 98cals
Satsuma- 25cals
Apple- 80cals
Tomato and basil Soup- 82cals
2 slices of Nible bread with 1cal spray- 88cals(bread) 4cals(spray)

Total- 666 eeeek! I might add a coffe with small bit of skimmed milk to it making it around 680. Don't want to go higher than 700.

Each day I think I'll cut out one thing. until it's just fruit, coffee and soup without bread.

I had an idea and my boyfriend has agreed to help. He doesn't know why but he didn't ask. He's going to take a picture of me in just my pants for the next 5months every Sunday. I'll upload this on to my laptop and name the folder body. It can go next to my thinspo folder. It will help me alot. I hate looking at pictures of my body esp. naked. It's going to be hard at first... but you have to be cruel to be kind.

London on those shopping days. Can't wait. xoxo

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