Wednesday, 3 February 2010

I have enough determination to make eachday better.

So i've been busy..And it's sooo hard to find privacy to update this. I would love to be able to write on her everyday and keep my own personal diary but it's so hard when I live with my boyfriend. I've managed to find 10 minutes during work for a quick update.
The past week I've actually managed to be quite good. I've been sticking to not eating much in the day and then a meal at night and staying to under 650cals. On Friday I was bad and had cocktails and pizza but only 3 slices so noway did I go over 1500cals that day.
I'm getting into the swing of it (and touch wood)I haven't binged yet.

I haven't eaten so far today and only plan to have some grapefruit for lunch and then a under 400cal meal tonight. I'm down 4pounds since last Tuesday and I'm actually feeling quite positvie about things. I hope I'll stick to it. I made a goal of being at 133 pounds by Friday. That hasn't happened which is very annoying but I'm at 138 and I'm going to set myself to be 133 by the 26th Feb which is a bit more realistic. We'll see.

I've not been eating more than 1000cals a day for the past month, some days considerably less and it's just sticking to me. I've been going to the gym but it just doesn't work. slowly but surely prehaps? I will update as much as I can my progress.

I'm sorry for being lame at updating. Think thin ladies. xxx

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